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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:02 pm    Post subject: Watan Ke Rakhwale Movie Download In Hd

Watan Ke Rakhwale Movie Download In Hd

Suraj and Arun are brothers who share a special bond. Suraj, a jail warden and his wife Lakshmi have brought up Arun. Radha is an orphan from a wealthy family. Radha is set to marry Naresh, the son of Raj. Why does Arun interrupt the marriage? Why does Radha first deny and later acknowledge her marriage to Arun? Raj, a psychiatrist, Mahavir a prisoner, Naresh are intricately linked in a rape-murder that puts Mahavir in prison in the care of Suraj. Are they all pawns in a bigger game of a foreign power who aims to destabilize India? Yes they are. As the story unfolds, the relationships, motives and attitudes become clear. Is patriotism at stake? Will traitors prevail? What do the international saboteurs plan and how Raj, Mahavir, Arun, Suraj, Peter Fernandez (principal of the law college) become pawns on the chessboard of this movie, which translated in English means "Keeper of Promises"
Arun Prakash lives a middle-class life with his elder brother Jailor Suraj and his sister-in-law Laxmi. His life changes when he must forge his marriage with wealthy Radha Pratap whose life are at the mercy of some criminal elements headed by Raj Puri, his son Naresh and a psychiatrist Dr. Narendra. Arun red-handily catches Naresh committing a crime and hands him over to Suraj who lodges him in a cell. A few days later Naresh is killed in his cell by an inmate named Mahavir who claims he had seen Naresh sexually molest his sister, Vimla. Enraged at the death of his son; Raj Puri frames Suraj for the death of Dr. Narendra who was found knife to death and to further escalate vengeance against the Prakash's family Raj and his gang abducts Radha, Laxmi and Arun and has them confined on an island that is not within the jurisdiction of any country.
In 1980's such films were a lot to be seen

The film had Dharmendra, Sunil Dutt, Mithun and a multistarrer was ready

The film is an action patriotic film which people liked in the 80's

What to say about the film? the title says it all The film is ordinary

There are cheesy stunts, like Mithun jumping to kick 1 guy in a swimming pool and landing back straight from where he started LOL The film also has some cheesy comedy scenes.etc

Direction is okay Music is okay

Amongst actors Mithun does his part as usual, those days he did such roles a lot Sridevi is alright Sunil Dutt is good, Dharmendra is as usual Mousami is likable Ashok Kumar is his usual self Amongst villains Prem Chopra, Kader Khan, Shakti Kapoor are as usual


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